BRAGGS– The Lady Wildcats (3-12) controlled the game from the start outscoring the 0-18 Bokoshe Tigers 12-7 in the opening period and extending the lead from there ending in the 59-15 blowout.

The Tigers Katlyn Weaver scored all of her 7 points in that opening period. Rainey Self was top scorer for Bokoshe and accounted for 8 points. Self and Weaver were the only Tigers to hit scoreboard.

The Lady Wildcats opened up a 26-8 lead at the half and it only got wider from there. Katelyn Weaver was high scorer for Braggs with 25 points, 12 points came by virtue of 4 shots from beyond the bonus line for 3-pointers.

Zoey Hall was in double figures with 19 points, and Denise Adams finished with 8.

The Lady Cats remain home to take on Cave Springs (10-8) Friday while the Tigers return to their den to play Grahm-Dustin (1-15) next Tuesday.

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