Help keep CSSNOK going with a Sponsorship Ad on the pages of CSSNOK

CSSNOK is supported solely by photo sales and website sponsorships. We are striving to cover more events each year to provide student athletes and parents top quality professional photo coverage of their games throughout Our Local Area.

Local business owners can help us by showing their support for their favorite schools and teams by having their business listed on the Pages of CSSNOK. All ads are linked to the business websites or Facebook pages.

Your business will appear on the sidebar of every single new story posted on the site and link directly to your web or Facebook page. This space gives your business exposure to every Website viewer throughout the season. We average 3 to 4 new stories each week with over 1,000 unique views. Besides direct posting, All stories are automatically sent and listed on our social media pages. Notification of new posts are also emailed to our member subscribers.

Each time your sponsored school is selected from the drop-down menu, your ad will be on the top of the page that contains all stories in every sport for that school.

Your business will also appear at the top of schools gallery page containing every sport for that school.
(1) banner ad at the top of the school’s page

A sport sponsor appears at the top of any one sport page. Your company will be the official sponsor of that sport for an entire year.





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